Bespoke tools for your content 

Video unlocks great value. Audience demand is growing, fast.
And yet, existing services do not match the special requirements that rich media files have. The lack of tailored solutions results in overly complicated and inefficient workflows – limiting the output of engaging video content. 

Amphio Video Solutions offer flexible cloud tools and robust systems for storage, curation and publishing of media.

Store: Robust and convenient archiving of content

Curate: Smart metadata and subclipping of video files

Access: Frictionless retrieval of relevant material

Publish: Automated formatting for individual channels

Collaborate: Secure user access for team members and partners 

Integrate: Connect seamlessly to your existing infrastructure

You can pick-and-mix our core modules to fit your exact needs. Learn about the unique values each feature can unlock for your organisation. 


Valuable content often gets buried on hard drives scattered across the organisation…

Our upload tool automatically catalogues raw and processed media, organising it in a bespoke cloud library.

Full control of content in one place

Low storage costs

No risk of data loss


Selecting the most relevant moments in a lengthy video can be difficult...


Our suite of smart curation tools enables subclip-level metadata marking and transcription.

Easily manage large media files

Easily manage large media files

Increase output of relevant content

Repurpose material to increase long-term value


Finding the relevant piece of content can be time-consuming… 

Elastic Search allows you to quickly find just the segment you need. 

Instant discovery

Easy to use

Improved workflows


Tailoring your content to different channels and purposes requires expertise... 

Our publishing tool automatically formats your content for the channel where it’s most effectively communicated.

Save time

Increase output

Optimise engagement


It can be tricky for team members in different locations to work on the same video at the same time...

Our cloud collaboration tool allows you to share content, manage permissions and review versions of your work. 

Connect from anywhere

Empower your team

Streamline the review process


Any content library loses its value if it can’t be utilised throughout your business... 

Our API is built to integrate with any service and is customisable to the specific needs of your organisation.

Increase use of content across the organisation

New routes to monetisation

No technical limitations

Get in touch to learn more about how the features work on their own or in combination.

A tailored setup 

Setting up a solution is a smooth but rigorous three-step process:  

1. Scope: We work closely with our partners to build a real understanding of their audience, brand, strategy and content. This allows us to ensure the process from first take to published video is frictionless and affordable for all members of the organisation. 

2. Build: Our team then builds a bespoke solution based on the most relevant modules to create an ecosystem that facilitates use by all members, locations and assets of your video production. Each solution is built independently to allow for full control of content and costs. 

3. Migrate: The final step is for our team to plan a migration strategy and write bespoke code to migrate your content in the most logical way, avoiding any risk of losing valuable material. Our ongoing support and development helps to keep your organisation up-to-date with movements in the digital landscape. 

Which building blocks would make your work easier and more effective? Get in touch to start a conversation.

A team that knows content 

Amphio grew out of Touchpress, which for more than five years worked with partners as diverse as Disney, The British Musuem and The Juilliard School to create multiple award-winning apps, making good content exceptional, engaging and interactive. 

Our aim as a company has always been to ensure that the cultural sector realises the full digital potential of its inspiring content. We have continued to do so by building what we call ‘culture tech’ – innovative strategies, solutions and technologies that reinvent how we experience culture in a mobile and visual world. 

We have unparalleled experienced in building robust, efficient cloud-based production pipelines for The Juilliard School and G. Henle Verlag. We’re now sharing our technologies with other cultural organisations to make more inspiring content available to users across the world.