A tailored setup 

Setting up a solution is a smooth but rigorous three-step process:  

1. Scope: We work closely with our partners to build a real understanding of their audience, brand, strategy and content. This allows us to ensure the process from first take to published video is frictionless and affordable for all members of the organisation. 

2. Build: Our team then builds a bespoke solution based on the most relevant modules to create an ecosystem that facilitates use by all members, locations and assets of your video production. Each solution is built independently to allow for full control of content and costs. 

3. Migrate: The final step is for our team to plan a migration strategy and write bespoke code to migrate your content in the most logical way, avoiding any risk of losing valuable material. Our ongoing support and development helps to keep your organisation up-to-date with movements in the digital landscape. 

Which building blocks would make your work easier and more effective? Get in touch to start a conversation.