At Amphio we pride ourselves on our ability to rethink what can be done with the technology we carry with us every day. We approach all our projects with skill, respect and creativity so that we can craft extraordinary experiences for everyone.

To date, our products have been awarded App Store's Editors’ Choice, Best iPad App of the Year, BAFTA Children’s Award, and RPS Music Award.  

Here are some of our recent releases.

Henle Library

The Henle Library redefines the way you experience sheet music and is an indispensable app for performing musicians, students and teachers.

At Amphio we are working closely with the G. Henle Verlag to bring their content and heritage to iOS & Android. Henle publish the world’s best classical music scores and, together, our goal is to use the latest technology to improve the way musicians use these scores as they perform and practice, wherever in the world they are.

Learn more about the app and download it for free on iOS and Android.

Millie Marotta’s Colouring Adventures

Lose yourself in an adventure of colour and drawing as we bring the beautiful world of Millie Marotta to iPad, with her rich illustrations of the plant and animal worlds. Take the time to stretch your creative muscles, relax your mind and rediscover the simple pleasures of colouring in.

Shade and colour using our ingenious tools, picking colours from a special palette prepared by Millie. Repeat your colouring as many times as you want and easily share your work with your friends and family. 

Learn more about the app and download it for free here.

Juilliard Open Studios

Juilliard Open Studios is the first digital platform offering truly on-demand global access to the performing arts, with a growing library of interactive episodes that give unprecedented insight into the artistic process. The app invites users inside The Juilliard School to witness leading professionals, faculty members and alumni working with the next generation of performers. 

Learn more about the app and start your free trial.