Where it all started

Back in 2010 our team (then called Touchpress) made a ground-breaking app: The Elements for iPad. Spurred on by its outstanding success and critical acclaim we continued to develop some of the most creative and culturally important apps ever created: The Waste Land, The Orchestra, Barefoot World Atlas and Disney Animated to name but a few. We learned how to take evergreen, specialist topics and work with our publishing partners to give their content all the sparkle and magic that new technology allows. 

Tim Cook visiting our team in 2015. 

Tim Cook visiting our team in 2015. 

Looking to the future

We continue to be passionate about the arts and culture; but now we have diversified into providing specially crafted tools to help our partners to free content from their archives and hard drives and bring it to the world with the same levels of polish, respect and exquisite engineering that made our previous projects so successful. It’s no longer all about apps, but all about helping the creators of outstanding content to realise their potential in cost-effective, easy-to-achieve ways whilst still retaining the highest possible quality. 

Can we help you? Probably, but we won’t know till we’ve talked. Read our case studies to get an idea of the many ways we apply our creative brains to build solutions, and then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.