Making Video Interactive

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with partners such as Philharmonia Orchestra, The Juilliard School and Deutsche Grammophon to build enhanced video experiences.

For us it has always been important to treat their world-class content with respect all the while reimagining solutions for new platforms. As part of this ambition, we have developed the Amphio Player, an interactive experience that uncovers and enhances details of video content.   


Video is an unbeatable format for storytelling. Still, many video experiences are passive and overlook ways to engage users beyond the visual. For us, the challenges of creating a more comprehensive video experience are:    

Showing all sides to a story

In a concert hall, your experience of the performance will likely be determined by where you are seated – the same goes for video. Audiences often miss important details of a story when they are stuck to a pre-made edit and can't explore multiple perspectives. 

Catering to beginners and experts

A lot of specialist topics and art forms can have high barriers to entry for first-time viewers. This is part of what creates such high engagement levels but it can also be off-putting for someone that does not know where to start. 

Creating mobile-friendly experiences 

Today, a majority of video is consumed on mobile devices. For rich and educational content the challenge is filtering information and communicating it in a way that does not seem overwhelming for the user. 


The Amphio Player is a tool we built to present video in interactive, customisable and enhancing ways. 

The player is built based on three core features: 

Fully interactive video playback

The interactive playback allows the viewer to watch multi-camera video and switch effortlessly between different angles and sections of a staged performance. As seen in the animation above, the camera grid allows for a tailored experience to allow for greater discovery of the music. 

Bespoke visualisations

The player makes it possible to display bespoke visualisations crafted to enhance the video. These visualisations show the different sections of the orchestra pulse in time with the music, helping users understand the complexity of a piece by e.g holding down your finger and hear a section of an orchestra in isolation. 

Mobile customisation

On smaller mobile screens the user interface can easily get too cluttered. The Amphio player is built for its features to respond to smaller screen sizes and present content in a format that is clean and smart. 

The above animation shows a few of the key stages in the user experience, and how the design responds to layout challenges that pop up along the way.


The Amphio Player has so far been used in 5 different products across iOS and tvOS platforms that together have been downloaded by over 3 million users. The player has been used in classrooms to engage students with classical music and showcased by Apple in their TV commercials.  

We constantly develop new features for the player and explore user cases for cultural content that can allow institutions to engage their audiences further.